Thrive Labs selects clients based on their desire to change. Thrive Labs is purposefully sector-agnostic and works across industries and business models. We believe positive change and thriving are not the monopoly of any particular domain.



We work with individuals who are ready for their next stage of growth and want to embed their purpose into their working lives. We have run Labs for lawyers, best-selling authors, skydivers, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, actors and CEOs.

For individual Labs, we typically design an engagement that starts with a one-on-one Lab and then graduates into an Inner Circle Lab, in which the client gathers a select group of advisors and friends. Together, we challenge the client and help to envision and plan for the next phase of growth.

  • Baratunde Thurston, former Digital Director of the Onion and founder of Cultivated Wit is an ongoing client of Thrive Labs. We have run a series of Labs for Baratunde to help him define his own sense of purpose and mission into his best-selling New York Times book, his company and his life. And with over 100,000 Twitter followers, he is bringing that message to more and more people quickly.


We work with organizations large and small. We design Labs for individual departments within larger companies as well as for senior management and boards. We have worked with fast-growing startups, social businesses, consulting firms and investment banks. We work across the public, private and social sectors.

With organizations, too, each Lab is tailored to the client. We’ve worked with MBA student groups at leading business schools to identify how they might want to use their talents after graduating. We’ve designed Labs for rapidly scaling startups to identify their core purpose and find ways to integrate it into their company as they grow and conquer new markets. We’ve created Labs for a new kind of hotel in Detroit that believes it can foster economic growth in a struggling city and meaningful story-telling and human exchange. And we’ve also created Labs for an investment bank and a Big 3 management consulting firm. (They care about meaning and purpose, too.) Maybe your company will be next.

Recent Clients

  • Collision Works hired Thrive Labs to design a series of Labs to identify the shared purpose and vision for an innovative boutique hotel in the heart of Detroit.
  • After raising over $150,000 on Kickstarter (link:, Hickies brought in Thrive Labs to run a series of Labs to help explore their purpose and imbed it into their culture as they scale.
  • Columbia Business School Career Management Center hired Thrive Labs to run a half-day Lab for its 27-person team to explore the question: what is the purpose of the 21st Century career office?