Our Method


We believe that sustainable change happens when an internal passion and capacity is aligned with a real need in the world. Therefore, each Lab has two major phases: internal exploration and external mapping. During internal exploration, clients spend time excavating their passions and go through a variety of experiments to help them get closer to their sense of purpose and meaning. During the external phase, clients gather data and look at what the needs are in the marketplace. We aim to align the internal drive with the external need and create implementable roadmaps and accountability networks to do so. We believe that when this happens, people – and societies – thrive.


What is a Lab?

Every Lab is guided by the question: “What is the biggest need in your world that you might have the passion and the capacity to address?” A typical Lab is a series of half- or full-day facilitated experiences in which a client enters an experimental space to think, reflect, explore and imagine. Each Lab is tailored to the needs of the client, and Labs can be designed for individuals or for groups of up to 300 people. Every Lab draws on tools from the fields of business strategy, neuroscience, dance and movement, and mind-body science to help people tap into their deeper sense of purpose and then to find ways to design companies, cultures, and lives around it.

Each Lab has three parts:



First, we design experiential laboratory-styled environments that enable our clients to envision bolder, more authentic visions that reflect their internal values and that incorporate external realities Driving Question: What is it that you want to create or build?

Identifying an internal vision:

  • Exploring purpose
  • Past data mapping
  • Identifying blockages & feedback loops
  • Visioning

Mapping the external context:

  • Theory of Change Timeline
  • Crowd-sourcing ideas
  • Examining the Marketplace


Next, we help clients conceptualize practical ways to integrate this vision into the body of their organization, their work schedules, and the decisions they make. Driving Question:  How do you integrate this purpose into practical, everyday operations and practices?

The art of integration:

  • Resource archeology
  • Priority-building
  • Energy budgeting
  • Alignment & conflict resolution
  • Workplan


Finally, with a strong bias toward action, we institute forms of public accountability throughout the process to use the power of social networks and public witnessing to ensure these visions are implemented rapidly and consistently. Driving Question: How do you tap into your social networks and closest connections to stay true to your deepest goals and accountable to your commitments? 

Commitment & social accountability:

  • Choosing this vision
  • Public statement
  • Witnessing
  • Account-ability partners
  • Social media contests

Reflection & renewal:

  • Checking in
  • Mile posts
  • Reflection
  • Updating vision

How We Work

We work with clients large and small. Based on inspiration from virtual networks and theories of collective intelligence, Thrive Labs is designed based on a strong methodology developed at MIT and Harvard and now rolled out in Brooklyn, New York. Based on each client’s needs, we develop a unique and tailor-made Lab for the question at hand. Priya is currently part of every individual Lab and, for larger organizations, we call in a team of talented advisors and practitioners from the fields of political science, comedy, dance, entrepreneurship and design to jump in, collaborate and create magic.

How can I participate in a Lab?

For a private individual Lab, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation HERE.

If you would like to participate in a Public Group Lab, we offer them every month in New York City on the second two Tuesdays of the month. To register, send us a note HERE.

If you would like to bring Thrive Labs to your company or organization, contact us HERE and we will respond to you within 48 hours.